Hello and welcome, my name is

Dick Son Lai

Video Game Developer

About me

I am an enthusiastic game developer.
I love games since young.
I am a family man and an animal lover.

Gamer for life. I love play and make games. They are my passion.

With years of experience in game development, I have honed my skills in creating games using various game engines and possess a thorough understanding of the latest technological requirements necessary to successfully execute projects. My expertise encompasses both outsourcing games and full game development, allowing me to deliver exceptional results.

Besides that, I have spent time on doing game designing and level designing within my years of expertise. Although my skills might not be as expert as mid level designer. But I am really eager to learn more above game designing and would like to grow from it too. I always keep my head in game design when I am developing games, from my point of view. Even the game has astonishing tech, it still require a solid game design to make it a FUN game. 

What I do

Game development and involve in game design too. Conduct play test and polish the project based on the feedbacks.

Gameplay Programming

If you are looking for programmer to get your gameplay idea into reality, I am the candidate you looking for.

Game Design

If you are looking for a game designer with fresh idea and eager to give some time for improvement, I am the one you looking for.

Unreal Engine logo

Unreal Developer

If you are looking for a developer experience in UNREAL engine, look no further I have more than 6 years experience of Unreal Engine and used multiple tools provided by EPIC.


Unreal Engine
Level Design
Game Design

My Experience


Streamline Studios

Computer Game Developer

I have responsibly being part of the team and complete multiple projects in the studios. I did outsourcing projects and some in-house projects too.


Streamline Stuidios


Focus on debugging and some minor gameplay feature.