My Work

What I do

Game development and involve in game design too. Conduct play test and polish the project based on the feedbacks.

Gameplay Programmer

If you are looking for programmer to get your gameplay idea into reality, I am the candidate you looking for.

Game Design

If you are looking for a game designer with fresh idea and eager to give some time for improvement, I am the one you looking for.

Unreal Engine logo

Unreal Developer

If you are looking for a developer experience in UNREAL engine, look no further I have more than 6 years experience of Unreal Engine and used multiple tools provided by EPIC.

UniTY Developer

If you are looking for UNITY developer, you can consider me as your candidate. I start out my game career journey with Unity, even though I got more used to UNREAL, but UNITY is still one of my best tools for game development.

AI ProGrammer

If you are looking for programmer that know Gameplay and AI features, you can approach me, I did some AI features for some of the projects I worked on before.

Game QA Tester

Just like game developer, QA is very essential for game development. I have some experience on testing game, you can reach me out for opportunity too.

My Latest Work